Born in Spain, Juan Ros has directed numerous high-profile campaigns, 

TV programs and commercials in the United States, France, Italy, Uk and Spain.  

Among his clients are Vodafone, Audi, Nintendo, Mtv, Bmw, Heineken, Panasonic, Univision, Movistar,  Charlotte Tilbury, Aristocrazy, Suarez, Nícoli and many others. 


His involvement in the Creative direction and storytelling for many projects as commercials, films and fashion shows in cities such as New York, Los Angeles and London, has led him to work alongside Mario Testino, Howie Deutch, Scott Schuman, Tommy Tom, Adam Katz, and other renowned photographers and filmmakers. 

A keen understanding of human behaviour and an outstanding ability to channel actors’ talents to his vision have endowed Juan with a remarkable capacity to provide beautiful and captivating narratives to his work. 


His recent projects have employed the use of the latest technology in filmmaking, such as video mapping and the most recent virtual reality & 3D graphic techniques.        

At present, Juan has two feature film scripts to his credit: “Satellite of Love” and “Gibson”, both in the romantic fantasy genre, in which Juan has poured all of his efforts toward the production which would be his first feature film. 

Art is a language. Some know it, some learn it, some never will - like an instinct